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People in this world are surrounded by machines from all ends, be it office, shopping malls, homes or industries. And where there are machines, there are problems. So our company Dristhi Facility Private Limited deals with all kinds of mechanical troubleshooting. Our team follows the basic step of troubleshooting which includes identifying a problem, establish a theory of probable cause, establish a plan of action to resolve the problem, implement the solution and finally verify full system functionality. With a team of talented and experienced individuals, we assure to provide our clients wonderful esteem, top notch quality, with well being and accomplishing facilities in mechanical troubleshooting. We specialize in the design of custom mechanical buildings, supporting our wide range of clients by providing best maintenance and solving all mechanical related issues. Our highly qualified engineers offer a full range of mechanical engineering design and maintenance facility and technical support services, assisting our clients from project inception through final construction and then to its lifetime maintenance to meet their diverse goals. We work in accordance with the clients need as to provide the best facility.


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