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We offer complete HVAC turnkey solution; whether it is AHU systems or VRV/VRF systems. We prepare custom HVAC system solutions tailored to your needs, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing capital cost. Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures. We add value to each project by keeping abreast engineering team with the latest tools and technologies to optimize system performance. Theoretically estimation of heat ingress/egress in a building is simple, but practically a bit complex & always challenging to the design engineer. Overlooking or fail to notice at designing stage, equipment/component selection, sizing air & hydronic distribution the system is doomed to be at poor performance. The optimal designing of HVAC systems is decided to minimize the energy consumption, determination of operation pattern, selection of plant & equipment’s and primary energy consumption are the key factors to optimize HVAC performance. In the HVAC systems, there are several heat transfer loops, in these heat transfer loops, the thermal energy is picked up from the conditioned space and expelled into the outdoor environment. The basic organs & the functional efficiency of HVAC system is depending on fixing of these heat transfer ratios to meet the desired parameters.

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